#PINKSTANDS4: All Women. One Color.

#PINKSTANDS4: All Women. One Color.


One color has united all women across generations: pink; the official color for Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October.

For the very first time in the Arab world, different women from different backgrounds have united to stand against breast cancer.

For different people, the color pink can mean different things. #PINKSTANDS4 is about sharing our different interpretations and speaking out about our experiences openly, without any fear.

No one is alone. And no one should be.

#PINKSTANDS4 Breast Awareness Campaign

The Spokeswomen of #PINKSTANDS4


#PINKSTANDS4 My Beloved was the interpretation of spokeswoman and artist, Maya Diab.

Nidal Al Achkar for #PINKSTANDS4

Renowned Actress and Director Nidal Al Achkar decided that #PINKSTANDS4 LIFE.

Laila Ajam for #PINKSTANDS4

Breast Cancer Survivor and Activist Laila Ajam believes that #PINKSTANDS4 the JOURNEY – the journey to recovery, and that which comes after: the journey of spreading awareness.

Mirna Hobballah for #PINKSTANDS4

Breast Cancer Survivor and Activist Mirna Sabbah Hobballah says #PINKSTANDS4 LOVE, because it is the most important element on the road to recovery.

Nadine Makari for #PINKSTANDS4

Breast Cancer Survivor Nadine Makari believes that #PINKSTANDS4 SHARING – because spreading awareness and discussing experiences is extremely important.

Hadia Sinno for #PINKSTANDS4

Fashion Consultant Hadia Sinno supports women who are experiencing or have experience breast cancer, and believes that HOPE is what #PINKSTANDS4

Hala Ajam for #PINKSTANDS4

Makeup Artist Hala Ajam addresses all women with her statement: #PINKSTANDS4 Belief – the belief that healing is possible.

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